Spica in Portugal - we've finally met them!

We were told where they were staying at lunch time so i texted vixx to ask if we were going there to try our luck. After many time debating we decided to go, so i finished my lunch and went directly to Lisbon. We got together and started stroling across the streets searching for them but no luck. It was getting already very cold and we started to get sad and frustrated since they were in our country and we couldn't catch them in the streets. 

Right after this photo I received another text saying they were taking a stroll by foot near their hotel so we bought something to eat since we were starving and headed to their hotel to try our luck. 

Since it's winter the night fell ove very quick, adding the striking wind that was killing me. 

We met some kpop friends that were already there and not longer after that, BOA APPEARS right in front of us with another very cute member and their manager.

After that they went inside Praça de Touros of Campo Pequeno to perform -private event-.

So we once waited outside for them, but since it was very cold we got inside the mall and had dinner, some cookies hahaha 

So we though, although it is a very short visit to our country, we should buy something for them to remember us, and know that they have fans in Portugal and maybe they would comeback for a concert. Nothing better than our own flag, some candies and 5 little Barcelos's cockerel signed by us representing all the Portuguese fans. 

SPICA's hotel
After that we got one last picture with them as their manager thanked us our presence and enthusiasm, saying goodbye in Portuguese "tchau". Hehehe, a very good experience, we are trully thankful. I hope Portugal gets a lot of good KPOP news this year. FIGHTING!


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Chrizz disse...

só sei que o dia mais infeliz do ano se tornou o melhor de 2015! :') obrigada mais uma vez vixx e ao resto do pessoal :') foi sem duvida um final de tarde de loucos mesmo à nossa maneira! e elas ficaram a amar-nos. Elas, e o manager ahahaha :p