Taemin, SHINee, Uzzlang, Valentines are fucked!

Omo... O_O

Love this outfits for sale *.*

Uzzlang (i absolutely love this style Mimiko-chan!)

Mafalda, this is Choi Min Ho, Choi Min Ho, i present to you, Mafalda XD

Father & Son, Minho and Yoogheun
Onew crying. Don't cry ma lóv.

Minho, some chick, and Onew. Chick - chiken - chiken + Onew: KFC LOVE AHAHAHAHA

Jonghyun ma sexai =D

Taemin i already told you to stop... you will kill me someday, is that that you want?

Thank you baby XD Kamsa Hamnida

SM's manager's wedding. Fing your kpop idol 8D

I love the boots Key's wearing *.*
Minho? What do you think you're doing? =P

Is this revenge baby? Ok i forgive you.


Taemin's mehrong. OK YOU WIN, prince of cuteness!

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