Vacations are gone now

Well, i was so sick i just went to the streets, 3 or 4 times, in 2 WEEKS! I wish i had gone to France... But important things were first. Maybe next time. We can't have all we want. I spent all my time seing series and korean films (IRIS & Into The Fire & Hello Babby) and started to try studying korean, the language. It's not very dificult, we just need a little patience. Now the school started again and we already think about Carnaval & Easter time = VACATIONS. I really want time to run fast, i want to finish my high school time, i'm already very tired of it... 1st term is done, more 2 to come starting today. School is very stressful, but from what i hear, work is a lot ugglier. I'm very tired of my touch phone too. I should have bought the blackberry one, with those beautifull keys (teclas)... I didn't have any presents, but i hope to have one Canon or Nikon soon. I would love it.
I want to go to Singapore, Thailand and Korea.
The first picture is me "sleeping" at the school. Very tired and sick. To Rosie, all ma love.

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ÂniaF. # disse...

fogo, belo começo :T