Japanese girls, gyaru style in Portugal

This first lady, is my lovely japanese lover: Mimiko chan. She's an exemple of gyaru style in our country: Portugal. Thank you baby for give me your picture =D She's going to Japan in 2012 ^^ We are trying to have japanese mobile phones, wich ones i'll show you in tomorrow's post. Thank's again for supporting me and teach me how to love japanese things. Now I leave you with this lovely pictures. The one with the boy in white hair is T.O.P from Big Bang.

Thank you Dudu. Thank you Âniaaaaaaaaa ma loveeee, i love to receive all your support 8D

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ÂniaF. disse...

ohh *-* u're welcome, it's a pleasure to read your blog :)

Bárbara disse...

como é que se chama a primeira rapariga? acho que a conheço.