Dear readers

Wau O_O
tantas visitas, muitos brasileiros, portugueses e uns tantos estrangeiros. Obrigado e espero que estejam a gostar. Caso contrário deixem sujestões ali na caixinha do lado direito que eu mudo, consoante os comentários!

so many visitors, many brazilian & portuguese people, and some foreigns. Thank you and i hope you like it. If not, you can leave a coment on the box on the right side of the blog, the blue one.

the person that posted a coment on the shinee in france samsung galaxy post, you are very welcome, i'm happy that i helped you. If you have any doubt, just ask, i will answer.
People that ask me to see their blogs, yes i see them =D
i had dificulty to know whose snickers is from who O_O

G-Dragon, i like you more


I loved it, this korean drama is excelent


Hell yeah

failed wink?

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