I'm currently, madly, crazly obcessed with DBSK/TVXQ and JYJ

i love them. JAEJOONG OPPA!!! ;_;
they were an entire group of 5 people but there are rumors saying SM didn't feed them, didn't let them do nothing, and hit them hard whenever they made a mistake like gangstas. Yeah i don't know if it was true, but they are separate now. JYJ are going to Spain (i'm portuguese so...) on October, and Cube Entertainment is going to London in November. Cube has 4 Minute, B2ST!! and GNA and some more.
I have submited my things to university. I don't know how i'm going to manage all this. I'll only know if i have been accepted on 19th this month. It's nerve recking. I've seen so many things about Super Junior. Korean culture i love it ;_; SO HARD!
so this is my tumblr. i think i reblog much faster there than writing here XD

DBSK all 5 together

DBSK (2011)
U-Know YunHo
Max ChangMin

JYJ (2011)

They're fan club is the biggest in the world being in the Guiness Book with 800 000 oficial members
Official colour: red
They're name: Cassiopeia

I think i'm a Cassiopeia already ^^ just 12 hours later
I love them all, and I can't admit they are diferent groups because of that stupid SM Entertainment.
I love they're separate musics too, but i'm a very emotional person, and to see these big friends separate, when they can't talk contact eatchothers it breaks my heart. SM don't let them talk to each other...

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