I fuckin' cried while whatching it.

Is that SNSD noona?
i love those hairs, i love those bodies, i love those slowmotions, i love all the colours, i love Taemin, i love Onew, i love Jonghyun, i love Minho, i love diva Key, i love their smiles, i still love the choreography, they are even more coordinated 8D i love their soft faces, i hated the teaser, but i love the entire video, Taemin is much better, he has more flesh in his body FIGHTING TAEMIN APPA! 8D I love minho's face seeing noona, I love key's concept about being a photographer n' stylist, i love Jonghyun's dance stopin', is Taemin using a Ramone's shirt? And his shoes! :O I love the sound effects, i love their faces about seeing noona's there, Taemin stop drooling. I hate the fact i can't download it to my pc. THANK YOU SOUTH KOREA FOR HD VIDEOS, KAMSA HAMNIDAAAA SARANGHAE SHINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE come to PORTUGAAAL not just FRANCE!! I'm not going to France, but i know a few girls that are going... Jealousy, i'm going to my prom in that night. It's coming! wahhh i love KPOP world.

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