Nessie dentist portuguese weather Se7en Bom

I went to the dentist to take off one of my 4 wisdom tooth and wau. Didn't hurt, but i fainted 2 times in school O_O jesus is scary to knock out like that. But i always feel the pressure in my jaw, and is tiring, sometimes i feel a little pain it's bearable.

Today it rained here (Portugal) so much it was amazing. Even ice balls! Last week it was sooo hot and today tjufhodighled whatever XD. It doesn't make sense at all!

My dog (Nessie) is sick too *.* she has a thing on her neck. I don't know the name in english.

William and Kate, beautifull wedding but i didn't see it because we are not payed to stop all day for that XD and i was at school. Congratulations! 

SHINee are going to London for a japanese debut! ;_;

He's (Se7en) making me crazy 8D i saw his video with Lil' Kim and omg. Korea & USA forever XD 

I didn't believe that Bom (2NE1) was plastic surgery, but here she seems so plastic really... and her XXL lenses jesus... but still really gorgeous! And i love the music =D

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