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I'm feeling sad at the moment. I spent a great day with friends in Hard Rock, (tomorrow i'll post some pics) but i'm feeling sad. Why can't i reach what i want? My great friend is going to London next month, i'm gonna miss her. I hope she does well, aja aja fighting! We, young people don't see any future here in Portugal, our economy is bad, they don't give us work, they don't pay well, they abuse autority jesus what more? Going out of the country is the solution. I wanted to go to France, but i'm thinking twice. I think i don't want anymore. I wish i could see the future and see what i was going to choose.
Next: we went to Fnac, i touched my Nikon & Samsung. I could cry there about the Nikon. The Samsung... nhé... but... i saw another Samsung...
Samsung Galaxy S. Many korean actors have it now, they show it on dramas... it's very beautifull, has a great sound, it's humongus like hudge like very biiig, and i think i'm in love with it. I'm not rich. I don't have strenghs just thinking of the money i need to fullfill these dreams...

VI O JUMBIE na paragem da escola quando voltei para casa de bus. Ele deve ter ido ver as notas. Quando vi as dele, não estavam nada bonitas. Por isso que ele não parecia contente. Jumbie: aja aja FIGHTING!
I want to go to Korea

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