Friends: The love of my life. Lisbon today

Today i went to Lisbon, to be with some friends. Is really amazing to be with nice friends after so many time, it's like they never went away. I hate having to catch transportation to go there, i have to take a bus and a boat... but when i arrive, it's so good :D
i went to Chiado to meet them, she scared me so hard, she jumped in my face while i was texting her on my phone:
-JESUS, you scared me!
she brought other friends that i remember and a new girl. Doesn't matter who they are, they maked me so happy ^^ Tiago seduced a little baby while dancing Tectonick XD she didn't want to leave! When i returned home, she went on my boat and my bus.
Well we went to Apple's store (MIRACLE WE HAVE ONE IN PORTUGAL!) than Starbucks of course. I wanted to go to Hard Rock Cafe to eat a brownie, but it was a little far so we didn't went there. It is so freakin' cold, why da hell is so cold? Portugal used to have 4 stations, now we have 2 - Cold & Hot
We were 4 girls and a boy ^^ we were walking on the street's and i saw a Nikon flashing a little far: he just take a picture of us! O_O
We all had our Starbucks cups on our hands.
We crossed ways, and he TAKES ANOTHER ONE IN OUR FACES!
-Bastard, did he really did that?
-Oh yeah XD
AHAHAHA cute portuguese kids with starbucks cups ^^ nice ahn
Wonder if the picture stayed nice too XD
We proceed again our talk, and a little bit further, we start speaking english to tease about some situations, and i see an asian and a blue eyed boy laughing. I bet it was about us. I really wanted to talk to them, but what and why? ahh tourists... i love you ^^ TAKE ME TO SOUTH KOREAAAA omg i yelled: i'm for sale... XD
Wish i was rich and go to Lisbon everyday just to see the tourists. I'm in love with them :D

Adoro as calças 8D

Casaco Transparente... que falta inventar?

Key & Taemin from SHINee

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Sara disse...

ADOREI MORA! ADORO-TE e espero repetir mais vezes e não só ver-te de uma vez por ano

ÂniaF. # disse...

«i'm for sale» XD LOL.