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Sometimes i hate fashion. But today i loved it:

Carolina Fenty always present:

Portugal's crisis

They are coming to Portugal, and i think i'm not going to see them ='(. (pagamento por conta bancária, coisa que os meus pais não me permitem realizar. Apesar dos 20 anos. A idade não é tudo)

Why is this style so atractive to me?

I'll finish this post with this lovely image, that makes me jealous, a japanese couple:

Me and my classmates, are organizing an 80's party, maybe i'll put here the pics about it, it will be February 5th. Is going craaazyy, so many things to do. We'll do it right, no matter what it costs though.

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ÂniaF. # disse...

aii a foto de Portugal em crise é tão deprimente O.o

Rilakkumaislove disse...

muahah o casal é adoravel *.*