KPOP in Portugal

Thanks to all my readers! Especially Ânia, she helped me in many things in my blogs.
Thank you my sweety. =D
Now this post is to all KPOP lovers! I'm Portuguese, and recently i discovered KPOP world. I started to know 2NE1, then Big Bang, SHINee, SS501 & etc. I'm freakin' obcessed with them all. I knew a portuguese fan, and she has a portuguese forum about KPOP, with everythiiing! She made me the happiest girl in the world with it! Thank You so much Vanessa. Well, we don't have much luck. We never saw them live. Can you help us? Check her fórum, and help us to get them here:

2NE1 - Don't Stop The Music (Fiore)

Big Bang - Tell Me Goodbye

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ÂniaF. # disse...

ohh , you're welcome darling :D it's such a pleasure to help you :)